Lori Roberts Herbst

Cork Creek Village Mysteries


Welcome to Cork Creek Village

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Cork Creek Village is the small ski resort town with Irish roots in which Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Callie Cassidy grew up--the place she fled for big city life as soon as she graduated high school.

Now, twenty-five years later and under inauspicious circumstances, she has returned. Though Callie can be a bit of a recluse, you’re likely to meet her at some point during your visit. If you book a cabin at Shamrock Chalet, the resort property owned by her parents Maggie and Butch, she will be your neighbor. Perhaps you’ll even cross paths on one of the trails that lead into the mountains, where she and her golden retriever Woody enjoy a daily hike. Stop for a moment and scratch behind Woody’s ears and he’ll be your friend for life. Maybe he’ll even introduce you to his adopted feline brother, Carl.

After your hike, it’s time to take a stroll down Evergreen Way, lined with quaint shops. Indulge your sweet tooth at The Fudge Factory, and work off the calories at Yoga Delight, where you might spot the eccentric Mrs. Finney twisted into a downward dog. Purchase souvenirs at Tabitha’s Treasures—unless you’re here in January and February, when Tabitha shutters her shop and heads to a Florida beach. 

Still hungry? Savor a salty order of ChipMunch at Snow Plow Chow, the café owned by Callie’s former—or is it current?—boyfriend Sam Petrie. Perhaps Callie will be sitting in one of the armchairs near the fire drinking hot chocolate and reading The Cork Creek Chronicle, the local newspaper edited by her best friend Tonya Stephens. Pull up a chair; she will be glad to share the sports section with you.

Yes, welcome to Cork Creek Village. The people here are friendly and kind—for the most part. It’s an idyllic hamlet with hardly any crime to speak of. 

Well, unless you count murder…

Coming Soon

Suitable for Framing

Callie Cassidy is no stranger to dead bodies.

Her time as a photojournalist landed her face to face with so many of them that her colleagues once dubbed her Queen of the Dead.

Now, having resigned in disgrace from her prestigious career, Callie believes her days of hanging out with corpses are behind her. She has returned to the mountainside ski resort village of her youth to seclude herself in a cabin on her parents’ lodge near the Rocky Mountains. With her intuitive golden retriever Woody as a companion, she spends her days drinking wine and licking her wounds, determined to avoid everyone she ever knew.  

But when a loathed former classmate is killed—and Callie discovers the body—she can’t help getting involved in the investigation. After all, detective Raul Sanchez seems to believe Callie might be a suspect. And unless she and a quirky group of villagers can solve the mystery, the real killer might just get away with murder.