What I’m Reading

My habit is to read three books at a time. One of these will be an audiobook, and for those I prefer mysteries. I choose a second book with the intention of providing enlightenment and/or guidance—for my writing, my soul, my spirit. Finally, the third will be “free choice,” usually fiction but sometimes non-fiction. I have a broad range of interests, but I find I am especially drawn to books with strongly-drawn characters.

merciful death.jpg

A Merciful Death

I started reading this when I got in bed last night and am already 20 percent through. Compelling, suspenseful plot and intriguing characters make it a book I simply don’t want to put down. Just read that the books have been optioned as a possible TV series, too.

Glass Houses.jpg

Glass Houses

You know I can’t resist a Louise Penny offering. Armand Gamache and his crew are always a hit. Penny has a gift for creating unique, off-the-beaten path crimes. Her characters span the depth of human emotion and motivation. What am I going to do when I’ve caught up on the series?

plot and structure.jpg

Plot & Structure

As a budding mystery writer, I struggle most with getting the plot to flow smoothly. Is my pacing too slow? Am I playing fair with the reader? Do I over philosophize at the expense of suspense? This book came highly recommended at a recent conference. Can’t hurt to keep learning, right?